tisdag 23 juni 2009



Real name: Papillo
Age: 37
Birthplace: Toarp, skåne

Strenght: Extremely powerfull in hostile nipple-hypnosis, where the enemy is lured in to his bossom and finally suffocated by his enchanting jaw.

Weakness: Snow, rain and wind combined, also known as "Slask" making his nipples sore and dry. He must then retire from battle and restore his nipples with massive layers of lip balm.

Favorite foods: Grape juice, Gilette and Creamalkoskit. Creamalkoskit is a mixture of three ingredients: cream cheese, alcohol and skittles.

/ foxy

The drunken Irish-Man (by Patsy D)

Real name: Ólchobhar McKeown
Age: Unknown
Birthplace: Ireland

Powers: The drunken Irish-Man shoots beer glasses out of his hands by the speed of light, making his enemies feel drunk in a millisecond.
By hitting the highest notes on his thin whistle his opponents catches tinnitus even when they're from a far distance.

Bio: Late one afternoon Ólchobhar McKeown went to the pub to drink a couple of pints of Guinness. He got in a fight with a leprechaun and got bitten by this magical creature. Something got transfered from the leprechaun to Ólchobhar. By the next morning he realized that the leprechaun must've infected him with some magic abilities. Now the drunken Irish-Man is out for revenge and won't stop infecting people with drunkness untill he finds the leprechaun who did this to him.

He's the manliest American hero ever lived!!?1!
Dont mess with him I say
Born from George W Bush, trained by god himself!!
Feed with the strongest Russian(?) steroids

POWERS: All kind of manly,cool and awesome powers you can imagine...Exept flying and lazor eyes

Thats much all of it....You only have to take a look on him to understand the puuure manly powernesss he's radiating :D
He fight crimes all day long.
And have only one weakness, and of cours its classified information...

8 kommentarer:

  1. Nice! It would have been funny if he had a few of dads features though! ;)

  2. haha emliy is that you? yeah I thought about it but maybe it would've done the whole thing too obvious :P

  3. Now with tiny fingers!

  4. You know what they say about tiny hands :P

  5. Tiny gloves... ;)

  6. Hahaha, i luv him Foxxy :D
    Nice to see you still alive m8 :D

  7. What a wonderful superhero foxxy, wouldn't want to meet him on a slasky day though...

  8. you wouldnt, patsy, you shouldnt.