tisdag 1 september 2009

Out of nowhere :D

Time have been stagnant..For everyone I think.
We have to work, we have school and other things to do.
I havent touched a pen for weeks, but suddenly this sheat just came out of my head.

Take a look and have a nice week :D
(sry for ze crapy quality, dont own a scanner yet D: )

//Katla von Messmör

tisdag 23 juni 2009



Real name: Papillo
Age: 37
Birthplace: Toarp, skåne

Strenght: Extremely powerfull in hostile nipple-hypnosis, where the enemy is lured in to his bossom and finally suffocated by his enchanting jaw.

Weakness: Snow, rain and wind combined, also known as "Slask" making his nipples sore and dry. He must then retire from battle and restore his nipples with massive layers of lip balm.

Favorite foods: Grape juice, Gilette and Creamalkoskit. Creamalkoskit is a mixture of three ingredients: cream cheese, alcohol and skittles.

/ foxy

The drunken Irish-Man (by Patsy D)

Real name: Ólchobhar McKeown
Age: Unknown
Birthplace: Ireland

Powers: The drunken Irish-Man shoots beer glasses out of his hands by the speed of light, making his enemies feel drunk in a millisecond.
By hitting the highest notes on his thin whistle his opponents catches tinnitus even when they're from a far distance.

Bio: Late one afternoon Ólchobhar McKeown went to the pub to drink a couple of pints of Guinness. He got in a fight with a leprechaun and got bitten by this magical creature. Something got transfered from the leprechaun to Ólchobhar. By the next morning he realized that the leprechaun must've infected him with some magic abilities. Now the drunken Irish-Man is out for revenge and won't stop infecting people with drunkness untill he finds the leprechaun who did this to him.

He's the manliest American hero ever lived!!?1!
Dont mess with him I say
Born from George W Bush, trained by god himself!!
Feed with the strongest Russian(?) steroids

POWERS: All kind of manly,cool and awesome powers you can imagine...Exept flying and lazor eyes

Thats much all of it....You only have to take a look on him to understand the puuure manly powernesss he's radiating :D
He fight crimes all day long.
And have only one weakness, and of cours its classified information...

This week: Superhero.

Hello, it's been a while... And now it's time for some updating.

We human beings often find life very dull and pointless, when we want our lives to be worth something we tend to turn to God. Some people who don't have any religious believes turn to something else: heroes (for example). We stupid humans have some kind of shit going on inside of our brains, something that tells us to believe in something (often stupid and pointless). But anyway, this mechanism makes us feel better and therefore it's worth bringing up.

If you haven't figured it out, this week we're going to draw our own heroes, superheroes more specifically. To make it even more interesting we're adding our superhero's bio.

//We who wear silly hats.

tisdag 9 juni 2009


by foxy

I dunno what to say..He do kinda look like a dick :D
By: Katla

By: Patsy D

"He was against hitting children so he made a cardboard box
that could take the beating instead"

måndag 8 juni 2009

This week: Spank!

For this week's topic, we will draw "spank/spanking". But don't be frightened! You should all know that there is a divers group of creators in this awesome blog; so there may actually be some decency in the pictures to follow. We are not always aiming to make our work erotic or pornographic... Although some of you might notice that this week leaves an unmistakebly large chans for that.

Anyways! I hope you all are as excited as I am to see what beautiful, magnificent artwork will rise from the brilliant minds of the artists here at We Who Wear Silly Hats.

Spank you!


torsdag 28 maj 2009

Topic: Party.

by Foxy love

Lulz... :D
When you least expect a pawty..
By: Katla

"The frustrating calls you have to make
when you've lost your people at the party..."
by: Madde-Padde

"It's my party and I cry if I want to."
Patsy D's contribution

onsdag 27 maj 2009

2nd Mission.

Maybe you've now got the wrong impression of what this blog is really about, we are NOT perverts, at least that's what we're telling ourselves every night before we go to bed. Due to work and school Foxy Love and Patsy D haven't uploaded anything yet, but have patience, they will eventually get their thumbs out of their asses and upload something out of the ordinary.

We have now revealed one of the great secrets of life: hentai. The next topic/secret will be: PARTY!

What would life be without the partying? NOTHING! Therefore we're going to illustrate what partying is really all about (or something similar).

To make you, our wonderful followers, feel a little bit special we would like you to come up with a great topic. If we find the topic special/different/funny maybe your dreams will come true, maybe we will decide to make it one of the topics of the week.

//We who wear silly hats.