torsdag 21 maj 2009

Your life will now change.

Hello and welcome! From now on you will experience the true meaning of life. We are some awesome swedes who wear silly hats and we want to share our intelligent thoughts and views with you. We know what the true meaning of life is and we know that everyone, including you, want this secret information. If you, my friend, follow this blog we will reveal all the truths and meanings of life just for you.
But we're not going to make it easy for you, we're going to reveal these secrets with the power of our pencils.
Every now and then we're gonna make missions in our little group, a mission to draw something special.
This week's topic is hentai, if you don't know what it is you suck donkey dick but if you want to stop sucking donkey dick you can google it.

//We who wear silly hats aka. Foxy Love, Katla, Patsy D, Kahnhy-bunny, Madde-padde, Svenpåsk.

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